The island of Tahaa, located 230 km west of Tahiti, is at 16 ° 37 south latitude and 151 ° 30 west longitude. It is a small island of 88 km² that shares a lagoon of 290 km² with its sister island, Raiatea.

Tahaa is a volcanic island, the vestiges of the ancient volcano rise in the center of the island: Mount Ohiri (590 m) and Mount Puurauti (550 m). Deep bays cut the coastline: Hurepiti Bay, Apu Bay, Haamene Bay and Faaaha Bay. A magical tropical flora in a beautiful fragrant and colorful garden, guided tour of vanilleraies, tropical fruit tasting, Discovering the pearl in its authentic environment, during guided tours in a pearl farm. A giant aquarium, the Tahaa lagoon is the scene of magical walks, where you can observe at leisure through its diving mask, moray eels, gray sharks, napoleons, benches and trevally as well as enchanting coral gardens.

WAIKI NUI VA'A Hawaiki nui va'a is an international competition of Polynesian pirogues called va'a. It is held in October or November, in the archipelago of the Leeward Islands, in French Polynesia. This competition takes the form of canoe races on the high seas and in the lagoon, and is divided into three successive stages, one per day, connecting the islands of Huahine, Raiatea, Tahaa and Bora-Bora. This race is a major sporting event in French Polynesia, which attracts teams from all over the country, but also from metropolitan France and other Pacific nations.